donderdag 28 juli 2011

Simple Pleasures..

The older I get, the more I appreciate the Simple things in life. In our cottage is since a year good, but light chlorid water. Before that you could take a bath in brownish water coming from peat (turf). It looked a bit strange this muddy water, but it was very soft water and it added something -not bad tasting- to a cup of tea.
But for real good water you had to go to the well opposite of our cottage. Just a little walk to get there.Easy to find when you see the yellow painted old fashioned waterpump on the left side of the street. A little step and into the field it is where you have to go. You plunge your bottle in, and it is filled with the loveliest and very good tasting water you can imagine. It gave the feeling that you had to do a little work to get it.
Since 2 years they have a simple manual pump to get the water up. The reason they made this was that they were worried a child could fall in and drown. So for safety now there is this pump.
Bit different, but still the little walk is is easier to get the water..but a bit of romance has gone too.

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