zondag 31 juli 2011


If I ever win the lottery I will buy a house here. Connemara always feels like coming home. If I would win those millions I know which house I want. It stands just outside Cleggan, right in the corner on the way to Kylemore. Cleggan bay is at the doorstep, and to see it all you need to do is cut down some bushes.
I have always loved this house from the moment I saw it for the first time years ago. It is on the market for many years now, but never sold.

It is a big house which has a little exotic atmosphere due to the shutters and the yellow colour it is painted in. Very big it is with stalls and stables. We wouldn't need all this space. Bram would make a nice plan for the inside. Furniture would be simple. Not too many things in it. An empty house gives nothing to worry about. It provides space in your head to think and to be creative. The house itself is big enough to live in. A studio on the top floor with plenty of light to knit, paint, weave and print.

Three years ago when we stayed here 4 weeks I did knit labels with embroided words to hang at empty houses. At this house I hanged one with the word: HOME. No one has taken it off till now.
Perhaps one day it will be my home. The only thing I need to do to get it, is start playing the lottery.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ontroerend mooi!
    Jan, wat gun ik het je, dat je het kunt kopen.

    gr.van Tijm

  2. What a great project and a wonderful home. I hope you do get to have it someday!

  3. Wat bijzonder dat het label er nog hing na 3 jaar!