zaterdag 4 juni 2011

I am in Love with Amber...Really...

Yesterday-afternoon I went to see Amber for the first time... we had a Date...But who is Amber you might think.. (I can hear you thinking...)
Well, Amber is the Muse from the Fashion Biennale in Arnhem (the place I was born and went to Art-school)and she is there till the 3th of July.. You really have to meet her. She is Beautiful and she is all about Atmosphere.. She is..She is Amber...and on the front of the catalogue you can see how she looks. I have been to all previous ModeBiennalles. Love the idea that every 2 year there is a big Fashion Event with an exhibition, fashion shows etc. This time the venue was a big hall from AkzoNobel. A great place for this event. My mind really needed this trip because last wednesday I was -while driving home- witnessing a very heavy motoraccident and the film kept repeating in my head. And Amber was there to bring me into another world.
Entering the building there was a long corridor were beautiful music was played, a room filled with scents from the Amber perfume. This one is nr 5: Sandelwood I am not going to show you everything from Amber, but just the things I liked. The Instalation from Amy Dicke - her room which will be covered in foundation over the weeks- is a very impressive part of the Biennale. It will change every week and I hope to go back in a few weeks time with my students.
Being a knitter I notice within myself that I am always on the outlook for knitted items. Shaun Samsom from Central Saint Martins in London showed a piece with knitting involved in the fabric. A dress, A T-shirt, Male or Female..? very intriguing way of working with different textiles.
Very different was also the dress, shoes and headpiece from Jenny Postle (also from Saint Martins) with knitting involved in it.Beautiful made and great colourcombinations.
Later in the exhibition I did see this simple idea instead of a scarf from Siki Im.Might make something for the coming winter to wear over my wintercoat.
This dress from Vladimir Karaleev (from Berlin) caught my eye not only because of the bright purple colour, but also by the kind of origami-foldingtechnique which adds a 3 dimension to the dress.
Before entering the big Hall there was Rodarte, the collection from the 2 sisters Kate and Laura. Presented in Ultraviolet Light all you could see were the neon accents. I took a picture with flash, so the garments with a touch of folklore appeared.
Entering the big hall on the right is the - already famous- wax girl from A.F.Vandevorst sleeping on a wax matress. She will be gone after the exhibition is the idea behind this big candle.Not sure if that will happen..not enough embedded wicks in it I guess...
In the Big Hall various Designers are presented as Preen with beautiful beaded embroidery.Juun J.'s Trenchcoats. His trenchcoats variations will change during the exhibition because of the sand which will cover some of them. Those coats really gave me a feeling that I would want one to wear...Prada with bold stripes..Jill Sander (designed by Raf Simons) with the -already famous- colourblocking collection with matching shoes which soles were reflecting on the white floor.
But the HighLight for me was the collection from Klavers Van Engelen which came alive with big ventilators and beautiful music. Movement and moving in a way..and very elegant dresses!!
There is much more to be seen..but go for yourself and enjoy!!
Because this month Arnhem is the Fashion City of Holland the Modern Art Museum in Arhem made an exhibition with dresses from Spijkers en Spijkers over the years. One collection was presented in a mirror setting, so everything could be seen.
The other exhibition with the title "Get Real/ Real Self" and developed by Joke Robaard (who once wrote an article about my collection when I graduated) and Giene Steenman. It tells the story of garments. What is real? What is designed? Those 3 anoraks could have been designed by f.e. Helmut Lang but they are made and worn by fisherman from Greenland. I simply love the simple red embroidery. Kind of very intelectual approach to garments but also and idea that garments can be a topic for communication between people.
At 16.30 hrs. I was invited for a photoshoot at Studio Amber. A stylist, make-up artist and hairdresser were available and so was the good photographer Mieke Gresnigt who brought me in a very good mood (good photographers can do that) The idea came from Suze May Sho and the thought behind it was to have ordinary people dressed up in something completely different they normally wear and place them in a setting designed by artists. I can't show the picture yet, but in my next post you wil see me dressed in a great trouser from Henrik Vibskov..but here is a sneak preview to the setting I was placed in and painted by Gijs Frieling..It was really a nice experience to be a model for a moment. So thanks to all who made me feel so Special!!

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  1. Oh, Jan, wat leuk... helemaal te gek die schoenen van Jill Sander en die grijze 'sjaal' en het geborduurde. En zo benieuwd naar jouw foto.

  2. Super post Jan! Ben paar jaar geleden geweest. Was toen ook zeker de moeite waard!