maandag 30 mei 2011

A Working Day...

Woke up at 5.45.
Left the house at 7.
Walk to the railwaystation.
Saw those swans.. Trainride with a good book while listening to Adele 21. I set fire to the rain.
Walked to school and arrived there at 8.10
Coffee, mailcheck.
8.45: Examns Financial Management till 10.
Break till 10.30. Coffee.
Lessons Short Course till 12.
Inbetween having a look at toiles from level 3.
A pincushion from a level 3 Student.
Work from level 4 students Couture Department.
No lunch.
Presentations from First Year Fashion Management Students.
Before leaving school a quick view at work from the 4th year and leaving school at 16.20.
Just had time to buy tea at AH to go.
Now in the train heading home.
Came home at 17.20 hrs My first blog written on my phone. I really don't know how it will look when I publish, let's have a go..NOW...

Later that afternoon I found out that the pictures were not in the right order... changed them now..
This post was just about a normal day, as a lot of people have..but even ordinary days can be nice and special.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig, die zwanenfoto! Net Monet en dat grijze corsetje vind ik erg, erg leuk!

  2. Jouw dag was leuker dan de mijne (mailbox probleem oplossen en facturatie voor een groot gedeelte van de dag)in ieder geval en de fotos zijn ook mooi

  3. What a lovely day with so much beauty. Who would wish for any more than that