zondag 23 januari 2011

Perfect Grey Day

Today is Grey and this is not my favourite time of the year. This grey light outside (this is the view from the window in my rather messy workroom) makes everything sort of pale. So the perfect day to stay inside -well, not really: we just had a coffee in Almen which we usual do on Sundays- to write some mails and to write a post here.In a way it is the perfect day today.
Lots of things had happened over the last weeks after the holiday but one of the important one is that I will work all my hours in school starting from the 1th of February. It will be very busy with teaching at Medium and High level, but hopefully it will give me a good feeling that I am back in my work environment. My colleagues from Glasgow and Puchov with a group of students will arrive on the 1th of February for a few project days in our school. We know each-other for so long already, that it feels like friends coming over and next to the work we always have a good time together. This week I will do the last things on the program as planning dinners in restaurants and a museum visit in Amsterdam.
Over the last 2 Friday afternoons when Bram was in the rehab-centre for therapy I went to the Movies (hadn't been so long) and saw 2 rather different films. The first one was L'Amour Fou about the life from Yves Saint Laurent and the sale of the big Art collection. To tell the truth: I came out rather depressed. Not my kind of life. Of course his designs have been the top in the fashion world and have done a great job in liberating women.Le Smoking, the wonderful Russian collection, the Mondriaan dresses..it was all there. I can see that, but on the other hand he was -in my opinion- a very sad person. Addicted to drugs and alcohol (you see him turning up on the catwalk in different stages in that period)and rather selfish and not very pleasant to me. Yes, he was one of the greatest and most influential fashion designer from the last era. When I was young I have dreamed of becoming a fashion designer with such a talent (the truth is: I don't have that talent), but watching this I am glad my life has turned another way.
Last Friday I did see the total opposite by watching the latest Woody Allen: You will meet a tall dark stranger. Really funny and I had a good laugh. It still feels a bit strange to go to the cinema without Bram (we used to go usually once a week) but that's part of the learning of life curve I am in now) and I met up with some acquaintances which was nice.
Bram had his last therapy in the Rehab centre last Friday and is very relieved that he doesn't need to go there any more. The surroundings were not uplifting for him and he will now go twice a week at another centre where he can go by car instead of the little van who picked him up 3 times a week. His recovery goes very slow but compared to how he was it is a change. Not really a big one, but last week I have brought the wheelchair back and hopefully we don't need it any more in the future.
But all that has happened to us over the last year(s) is also bringing insight in to life. Still not sure what it is but I feel something is changing inside my mind and soul. Time will learn I guess, and the coming period I will visit my "Personal Shrink" to help me getting more in balance with myself. I know my condition is not back at all, feel very tired after 1 day teaching and really need to take good care of myself the coming months. Or as the company doctor wrote: he is coming back,teaching all his hours, but it will go up and down. Still, I am very pleased with the way I have conquered everything so far.
And yes: I did knit over the last weeks as usual. Knitting really has become a part of my daily routine. And today I was just thinking about how many persons I know in the knitting-world and how Internet has been very important to meet up. Communities as Ravelry and Facebook are a part of the things I do during the days. But it is always a surprise if suddenly -out of the blue- a package from New Zealand arrives containing a beautiful skein of hand dyed sock yarn. (Thanks James and hopefully we will meet up when you come to Holland)
On the 13th of this month when I opened the mail box from Ravelry I found a mail from Mike (aka WonderMike) in which he wrote: My random number generator has selected your name as the winner of the Three Irish Girls drawing for Fiber Beat Episode #13. and I was allowed to choose a skein of yarn form the new lookbook from the Three Irish Girls and I just got a mail from Sharon that I also will receive a printed copy of the book next to my skein of sockyarn in the beautiful Red Rona colour. So I felt so lucky and great to win this great price (Thanks again Mike and Sharon!!!) Mike is having a great Podcast named Fiberbeat which is my favourite knitting podcast. I usual listen to the latest episode when I am in the train to work and very often it makes me laugh. The combination of the music and the theme is always good and witty! Due to my telephone repair I keep the latest episode about Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett till I have him back (gosh I really miss him and I already know that my next one definitely will be an IPhone!!)
As mentioned: I knit everyday and suddenly after finally finishing my Clockwork :Great yarn from the The Sanguine Gryphon but a bit boring (all those knit stitches!!)at the endthe lace virus has hit me sort off.. I never had much with lace. Didn't know what to do with it. But after knitting my first Ishbel from the lovely Ysolda I suddenly became totally addicted to lace.This one is knitted in Blue Moon Sock that Rock yarn I got from Amysue Chase when Bram was in the hospitalIshbel is a very pretty and not difficult at all lace pattern. So after the pink one came one in honey coloured Shibui Knit sock yarn (knitted up heavenly)and last week another much bigger one came off the needles in Red Aran Tweed yarn knitted on needle 5,5. I always love to see a pattern in various yarns and always wonder how it would look knitted in a more thicker yarn.
For that reason I love the designs from Jared which you can find on his site: Brooklyn Tweed. At the moment I have the Terra on the needles also in the red tweed yarn which is a great knit. I have plans to knit the Autumn Leaves also. By knitting it on thicker needles the lace becomes not so feminine, more sturdy in a way. Not sure yet who will get the shawls and when I give them away, because at the moment I love to watch the result.
My (or better said) our Art work has become on the 2nd place for long time now. No inspiration, other things on my mind and many more topics why it was so difficult to go back into this really loved part of my creativity. But now we are giving it a go by going back to embroidery. Not sure yet where we will arrive but the starting point is here: A while linen fabric and white yarn and I have to do something with it..and no, the black ???? are not part of it...time will tell. I have a vague idea but not sure if I have that finished before Wednesday. But it is nice to start again.
Time now for tea, some knitting and some mails I have to write....

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  1. Zo fijn weer wat van je te lezen!!!
    Klinkt allemaal als een stijgende lijn, ook al is het logisch dat die lijn met wisselingen omhoog gaat.
    Geweldig die sjalen en wat geweldig dat je gewonnen hebt! (op mijn verjaardag haha).
    Lieverd, rustig aan blijven doen, lekker praten bij je shrink en misschien wat naalden met accupunctuur om je energie weer wat meer terug te krijgen?

  2. Your three versions of "Ishbel" are beautiful. Isn't it interesting to see the differences in how the colours allow or obscure seeing the lace pattern? (We have a bright sunny day today.)