woensdag 5 mei 2010

My blog is 1 year Old...or 1 year Young..

Just found out that I have my blog now for 1 year. I am not a very regular writer I did find out, but I like to write every now and than when I have a reason to it. Not sure yet what I will write now..... but let's start with something nice and positive. Almost 2 weeks ago on a Friday I mentioned to Bram that I had the idea of going to Amsterdam with him. He hadn't been there for almost 2 years due to his bad walking condition. So we went. I parked the car right in the centre next to a canal and we had a cake together at Pompadour where we used to go in the past when we mostly went to Amsterdam once in a month to look at Art and some shopping. It was a beautiful and sunny Spring day and than Amsterdam is at his most beautiful I think when all the trees are turning green with tiny leaves. It was wonderful to be together in Amsterdam. Of course we only could do a little walk together but it was a great and emotional day for the both of us. Some tears came of course, but only tears from joy this time. The strange thing is that Bram really looks good and healthy but somewhere in his body there is something wrong. The coming Friday we get the results of all blood tests from our Orthomolecular Doctor and I hope there is a result which can be cured.
For the rest I am fine. This week is holiday with things like cleaning up my workroom. It was nice to discover my desk again which was piled with papers so now I am writing this post in a cleaned out room. I am sometimes a little messy person but once in a while I get the spirit to clean out. 3 bag full of papers went out, so it was really necessary to do this. I am that kind of person who brings everything in our house (which is quite small) but doesn't take that much out of the house...And for the rest it is a little about knitting, drinking coffee etcetera.. so calm and easy. Talk about knitting. I have too many Work in Progress now but couldn't resist to cast on a Top Down sweater after I got Barbara Walker book about it. I still had this red tweed yarn in my stash which I have bought in Clifden, Ireland almost 2 years ago. It will be a simple sweater but I probably will knit some words or texts in the cuff on the inside to make it a little different. Funny to start at the top but also quite logical with the increases you have to do. Will take some time before it will be finished but I promise it will be ready before the next winter. The colour of the yarn really looks good on me I think
I got a really nice reply from my old Swiss friend Franzi about whom I wrote in my previous post. So nice to read that we share the same memories. I am really moved by this contact again and in a way it brings so much positive feelings together with it. It is interesting for me to feel that there are lines between people even when you don't have contact for years. When you get in contact again this feeling comes back. It is not with everyone I guess but with her I have this feeling. Hopefully we can meet up in real in the future. Would be nice to talk things over. Next to her story of life she also did send some photos when I was round 16 wearing a gingham shirt. I still remember that shirt and wore it for ages. It feels always sort of strange to me to see myself when I was young. I was so uncertain of myself than and had such a low self esteem at that age. But now looking at it I see a cheerful boy wit a big smile. Strange how you remember yourself from in and outside. The joy of getting older is that you grow over those things and at 51 I feel blessed with my life.
As I wrote before I am into coaching at the moment which I am really enjoying. It feels good to coach a firm after a question. Actually I am thinking about it to do a study next year about it. This Art coach is something different because it has to do with discovering creativity within oneself. Everybody whom I talk about it says to me: yes..I can imagine that is your "cup of tea". So I will search for a study and ask for a teachers scholarship if I am in time for that. The costs of those studies are really high but perhaps I can do it this way. You can ask for such a scholarship only once in your career.
Next week I will go for 3 days to London to visit a student who is doing a training over there for 20 weeks. Haven't been to London for a long time, so I am really looking forward to it. Next to that I have some free time to enjoy the city. Will probably visit the V&A because that is one of my favourite museums in London. I also will go to the knit night at I Knit London. I have never been in that shop (or Yarn Heaven) so I am very looking forward to it and probably can't resist to buy something. I might go broke one day because of this serious Yarn Addiction. Is there already a kind of AA for knitters? Maybe we have to start one: YAA = Yarn Addicted Anonymous or even worse: YAAA= Yarn Addicted Alcohol Anonymous.... And I will meet up with my knitting friend Jon from Easyknits. So looking forward to speak to him!!!! In my next post I definitely will write about my London trip :-)
That's it for now and thank you all reader for the touching comments you wrote the last year.

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  1. Happy blog-birthday Jan!

  2. Inderdaad, yes indeed, happy bloggerversary. Nice picture of Bram in Amsterdam and hope you have a great time in London (me, I'm jalous).