woensdag 24 februari 2010

My new bag...

This afternoon I went for a few hours to my (our) studio. I haven't been there for months. No time, busy with other things, no creativity, no exhibition and of-course the visits to the hospital with Bram which needed to be done on Wednesday. But I had a great afternoon and I am happy that I took the step to go again. Wednesday is my day of during the week. I work 75% almost all of my career but there have been years that I worked more. Ofcourse the salary is higher when you work 100%, but I have always wanted time to work on my own artistic work. So this afternoon I spend some enjoyable hours there. I hadn't used the sewing-machine for ages.. so I thought it would be a good idea to start the machine running. It's an old Singer, semi industry from the fifties. I bought it 2nd hand the year before I went to Art-school which is more than 25 years ago now. The machine has done a lot for me during all those years. Worked his (or is it her)through loads of different fabrics from silk to heavy denim.. and didn't let me down ever... Because I have a big collection of Old Dutch Postbags(I am not going to tell you how I got them)I decided to make a simple big shopping-bag. The fabric is sturdy canvas and over all the years Mr. Post has used it it has kept his strength. I like old and used things. It is the same with my clothes. I love my old worn shirts and my worn jeans. They fit me and the older I get I feel more comfortable in worn clothes. Fashion is not as important to me as it was when I was in Art-school. At that time I would save money to buy Designer clothes (I still remember my Junior Gaultier jackets), but happily that time is over. Good basics are a good investment. So I love my Nudie jeans, my Agnes B coat and my Cos shirts. Nothing fancy but nice and good quality and good colours. But... time to show my bag. Tomorrow I have the plan to make another one which will be my "Knitting Bag" with a lining from Blueprint.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hij is geweldig geworden! Vind de hengels ook erg mooi met die gespjes/ijzeren ringen.
    Laat mijn opa nou postbode zijn geweest! En mijn oma runde het postagendschap. Helaas heeft mij dat niet van die mooie zakken opgeleverd!
    Fijn dat je weer eens 'je ding' hebt gedaan!

  2. Geweldig!! zo een tas schreeuwt om een oranje voering :)
    Nu heb ik ook zin om de naaimachine weer eens uit de kast the halen.

  3. En neem je die knittingbag dan mee naar Zwolle? Want dat willen wij natuurlijk allemaal zien!

    En goed van je, weer naar je atelier!