dinsdag 10 november 2009

Glasgow is a GREAT PLACE TO BE....

Last week I had to go "for work"to Glasgow......Not bad at all because I love Scotland in every season and next to the work there was plenty of time for pleasure.. So I flew early on tuesdaymorning with my 2 collegues Renske and Wendy from Schiphol to Glasgow airport and arrived at the hotel round 11. The Albion Hotel is situated in the popular part of Glasgow called West End. Plenty of trendy Interiorshops and lot's of places for a coffee and a meal. Beautiful red stone houses with typical bay windows.
My room was on the top floor and was basic but good. So after putting our bags in the room we immediately went on for a walk in town. We passed the great shop from Timorous Beasties with their amazing handprinted wallpaper and fabrics. Later more about them.. We met our Scottish colleagues in a coffee shop with great tasting cakes. The West End also has the beautiful Royal Botanical Garden with the beautiful glasshouses and the building of BBC ScotlandA relaxed first day which ended with a little dinner with the Slovakian collegues who really had a long day traveling.. Pictured here after a good sleep are from Left to Right: Andrea, Lenka and Darina The next day we took the train to Cardonald College which is the school we are working with already for many years. The textile and fashion department is ofcourse the department who is involved in the "RED THREAD" project and so is the textile and fashion school from Puchov, Slovakia. We have known eachother for a long time so working together is never a problem. We have found our strong and weak points and my collegues also became very good friends and it is always great to meet up. Cardonald is really good in textile-design and so this will be a big part of the Project. It is always inspirational to see where students do come up with, as can be seen in those 2 examples: Screen-printing is a technique often used and so this will be used for designs for cushioncovers and teatowels. After a nice day of work and setting the task we had dinner together in West End. Later that evening we went to the party of the launch of the new special edition package from the Famous Grouse whiskeydone by Timorous Beasties with a glass (or 2) of whiskey ofcourse. Thursday started of with a visit to Flounce an interiorshop specialised in curtains and Claire the owner was very open about her way of working. After that, back to Timorous Beasties for their story of how it all began. This weekend they have sample sale from fabrics and wallpaper and I hope my collegue Jax will find me some fabric as the Glasgow Toile and the Thistle. Alistair from TB is a very nice person to talk with and he will probably monitor the project. The afternoon continued with a trip to the Glengoyne whiskey destillery with a little tasting and I couldn't keep my eye from this Pakistan Young man dressed seriously in a tweed suit with a matching cap. He really "stood" in his probably just bought suit and with the trainers it looked really good on him. The tasting was followed by a late lunch at An Lochan were the menu was very tasty so I had as starter: Pate served on a slate: Followed by Smoked haddock and for Dessert a poached pear. Everything tasted really good and I love this simple kind of food very much. Than back to school again to take the bus who would bring us to Edinburgh were we would see the Stag fashion show in a beautiful old church right in the centre. We got a nice glass champane to start with...The STAG show is the fashion-show from the best fashion students from all fashion colleges in Scotland. Not everything was good unfortunately. It a Glasgow school of Art who started the show was very disappointing with a bouring knitwear collection. Cardonald showed a serie of tweed skrits who looked great but being a BIG fan of Tartans I loved the collection from the Aberdeen college But the best came after the show. During the summerholiday we visited the textile museum in Hawick. The are selling ofcourse woolen items in their shop and my eyes did fall for a scarve from Eribe knitwear in Fair Isle technique with a lining from Liberty fabric. Loved it but being broke at the end of the holiday I decided not to buy it. During the evening I wore my Fair Isle slipover with bright colours and after the show a man and woman came to me to tell me they really loved my pullover and immediately I asked: but who are you and she told me she was Rosemary Eribe. We had a great chat together and I will contact her this week by mail and hope to meet up another day. My colleges were very surprised and told me that that really was something "very much Jan". Friday we had a day off so time for the usual shopping in the centre and in West End. We had lunch at Fifi and Ally with amazing wall paper and very good food.I really had to buy something for Jim, so I found really nice clothes for him at Monsoon , some magazines ands socks for Bram,and at the end of the day I went to K1 yarns because I really needed some new stash...... almost no yarn in the house.... so I had to buy this Cashmere yarn for a pair of gloves in the Thistle colour as a remembrance to Scotland and in the hotel all the goodies I bought it looked like this:Friday night we had a party at Jax her house which was so special to be at. A great house in the south of Glasgow with stunning vieuws and with great food and friends... So special to be there...When we came to the hotel we had a little nightcap at a pub were the waitress wore a legging with a leopard sweater.....Saturday we had a flight back and sunday we drove to Groningen to see grandson Jim... Yes, I really like my job!!

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