zondag 5 juli 2009

Holiday is here......

Before my computer is going to be repaired is this my last entry before the long summer holiday. I need to do a little work on school tomorrow (couldn't finish it thursday unfortunately) but than it is 7 weeks off which is always good after a busy and hectic year. My mind will cakm down and days will go by in a pleasant way. This week thursday we are setting off to the Shetland Islands to stay there for 4 weeks in 2 comfortable houses. One is from an old lady who used to have a little textile museum filled with beautiful Fair Isle knitwear, so I am sure we will have a long talk about that. There now will be a bigger textilemuseum in a few years and her collection will go there.We have been to the Shetlands twice before, but now the English Pound is low we thought it might be a good idea to go again. It is a wonderfull place with loads of islands and the see is all around which gives a lot of space in your head. Loads of birds as Puffins and skua's and almost no trees at all. A very specail place for us to go. We sail from IJmuiden to Newcastle, than 400 km to Abberdeen and than again a night on the ferry to Lerwick and we will arrive there saturdaymorning round 7. In the afternoon there is a meeting from the Shetland knitters, spinners and weavers in the Shetland museum so I will defintely go there to meet up. And ofcourse... yarn from J&S.. which is yarn heaven to me I know from last time (wasn't into knitting at that time but I know how tempting all the yarns are).... So .. a nice look out... and I am sure it will do us really good... Last night I finished my Men Spring Knitting Retreat socks and they came out beautiful and fit like a glove.. The yarn is from Easyknits and Jon is really a special dyer and a very sweet person. Today we are going to celebrate the first birthday from our grandson Jim and ofcourse I bought too much.. but grandfathers are allowed to spoil is my opinion.... Dear readers .. I wish you all a wonderull summer with lots of knitting, relaxing and cold white wine or a rose perhaps :-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Jim alweer 1!?!?!?! Dat gaat snel..
    Gefeliciteerd, en inderdaad opa's (en oma's) zijn op aarde om te verwennen, helemaal waar.

    Prachtsokken zijn dat geworden!

    Geniet en tot na de zomer!

  2. mooi verhaal, mooie vakantiebestemming, mooie sokken.
    Heel fijne zomer gewenst.